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How Cutie Cubes and Tiny Towers Promote Fundamental Development in Babies and Toddlers

How Cutie Cubes and Tiny Towers Promote Fundamental Development in Babies and Toddlers

We’re sure you’re well acquainted with the reality that children love toys, and it’s a good thing too! Learning through play is fundamental to any child’s development. As you may be aware, child development occurs in a few categories: Physical, Motor, Social and Cognitive. They all work together hand in hand and at this age, your child’s brain is like a little sponge, ready to soak up lots of new knowledge!

Our Cutie Cubes and Tiny Towers promote all of these foundational skills and are a fun gateway to intellective development for you and your little one.

Why Are Educational Toys Important?

Play time is a brilliant way of interacting and learning together at any age. It gives your little ones a chance to release some extra energy and it’s during this uninhibited time, that they begin to find out who they are, even during infancy. A child’s mind is constantly expanding and even small things like looking at the environment and exploring their surroundings have a positive impact. Every new shape, colour, texture, taste and sound is a learning experience for them. So, giving your child toys that are safe and stimulating will help them to discover their senses and most importantly, encourage creativity and imagination!
Educational toys, like Cutie Cubes and Tiny Towers, help your littles ones to learn life skills with ease. They can help develop problem solving skills, bring awareness to conflict resolution – that’s right sharing - and show how cause and effect work. Furthermore, they contribute towards the fundamental principles of STEM learning, by introducing children to new concepts through fun activities and games. Essentially, it helps them to live these concepts and better understand and relate to the world surrounding them.

A Sensory Experience

We touched a little on the importance of sensory play earlier and our products have been designed with Montessori education in mind. This type of learning and development is well known for its engaging sensory focus, enhancing your little one’s understanding of shapes, colours, textures, sounds, tastes and smells – all of which play a huge part in a young child’s learning! Our toys promote cognitive and sensory stimulation, not to mention, they are suitable for teething – and dentist approved of course!

A Little About Our Toys 

Your little one’s visual processing begins with shapes and colours. Sorting shapes is a great way to develop better coordination and get those little cogs turning. Our Cutie Cubes, aptly known as learning blocks, come as a set of 12 soft building blocks. Each face of the cube has a fun and stimulating mix of numbers, fruits, animals and symbols in an assortment of pastel colours. Perfect for playtime fun indoors and outside.
Similarly, Tiny Towers come in two different shaped stacks. Hearts, in which you’ll find pastel and dusky colours, and stars, that come in dusky and marble colours. They are the perfect sized stackable toy for tiny people with tiny hands. Made from ultra-thick, high grade buttery, soft silicone, they are a firm favourite.
Both Cutie Cubes and Tiny Towers offer an engaging sensory experience for your little one and are fantastic for dexterity and co-ordination from 6 months+. Not only are they colourful and visually stimulating, but they can be aligned and stacked in many ways. This is combined with the soft feel of the silicone and the texture of different shapes on each cube. Additionally, they encourage other fundamental learning skills like matching, counting and object recognition. 

Educational Extras

Both Cutie Cubes and Tiny Towers are fantastic for dexterity and co-ordination from 6 months+. They will help your little ones begin to recognise and match the interconnecting shapes and encourage them to count the fruits and symbols. The beautiful combination of modern colours are visually stimulating for them, not to mention they will go effortlessly with your interiors!
As with all of our products, they are Cutie Cubes and Tiny Towers are made of versatile soft silicone. This non-toxic alternative to traditional plastic is not only super safe but is derived of natural materials, making it eco-friendly and easy to clean. Silicone is not only more durable, but less harmful because it does not break down and release micro-plastics into the environment or to be consumed. 
Every Baby Boosa edition is packaged in a reusable, silky mesh storage bag, perfect for practical storage and daily uses! Zero single use plastic is incredibly important to us and our active responsibility is something that continues to set our brand apart. 
Thoughtful design, sustainability and style are at the heart of the Baby Boosa brand. Although our toys aid healthy development in babies and toddlers, they are designed with the purest and simplest fun in mind. As always, we recommend cleaning your products before and after each use and of course, never leave your little one unattended whilst playing.
What do we love most? Following your learning developments and getting to know so many amazing parents on this journey. Please tag us @babyboosa or feel free to contact us with any questions here. We’d love to hear from you!


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