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Comfortable and Versatile: Why Our Baby Bibs Are Perfect for Your Little One

Comfortable and Versatile: Why Our Baby Bibs Are Perfect for Your Little One

Comfortable and versatile baby bibs are absolutely essential to your parenting journey. You’ll most likely find yourself going through a fair few as your little one enjoys milk feeds, dribbles whilst teething and starts their weaning journey. Finding the right bib for your baby can be a mission in itself, as you may have already found out!
At Baby Boosa, we have had numerous parents tell us that their baby wouldn’t wear a bib before ours. That is because of our fashionable yet ‘forgetfully comfortable’, award winning silicone product. We believe that there are no other baby bibs designed quite like ours. We wanted to create something that we wished for but couldn’t get as we began our parenting journey.

Our Journey to Comfort and Style

Sometimes, getting your little one to wear a bib without flinging the contents of it across the room can seem impossible - don’t worry, we’ve all been there! We’ve also had challenging past experiences with unsustainable, uncomfortable and unfashionable plastic bibs.
 In fact, the main incentive to starting our business was the aspiration to create the ultimate baby bib, because of our own personal experiences with our first born. Early on, we realised that both comfort and style were lacking from the range of baby bibs available at the time. We wanted to share a couple of these light bulb moments with you:
 One of the first bad encounters we had regarding comfort was with a bright orange bib that was made of plastic. It was clearly uncomfortable around the neck on our son because it was so rigid. He hated wearing it and repeatedly removed it and threw it on the floor. Unfortunately, we didn't realise it had actually cracked until the next time he used it; he got his little finger stuck and gripped between the cracked plastic at the base of the food catcher! We were not only displeased, but realised it was dangerous too! With our background in designing and manufacturing toys, we knew that this was not right, and a better bib was in order. 
 Another experience that stood out concerning style, was with a blue silicone bib, branded with a garish cartoon face! Whilst this was far more comfortable for our son to wear, there were two fundamental flaws with the design in our opinion (as both a fashion-conscious mother who puts a little extra effort to keep the little one looking cute, and a father who is passionate about innovation and inventing).
 The first was that it just did not look nice. Although our little one could not really see it, we had to look at it and so did other people when we were eating out and about. It was distracting and obviously, you’d like the main focus to be on eating. The other was that the food pouch was not a food pouch. Unlike our range which have reinforced food catchers that stay open when worn, this bib had one that just seemed to collapse. To us, it was clear that it had been contrived without its main function in mind. This really inspired us to focus on creating something that was thoughtfully designed. To not only function efficiently but to be comfortable and stylish through interior inspired colour tones, subtle contrasting colours and bold pattern designs and monochromes. We then designed the investment of sustainable reusable packaging to become genuinely useful for parents.
 Our baby bibs are the catalyst for change, offering style in both form and function. Not only aesthetically pleasing, they’re silky soft for optimum comfort and easily adjustable. They really do cover all bases and draw from our own experiences as parents. We knew we had achieved our goal when our little boy refused to take his off and would play in it all afternoon.

 Durable Design

We love the prospect of fashionable weaning! Our baby bibs come in a variety of colours, including exclusive signature edits; perfect for coordinating those little outfits. The velvety silicone material makes this bib durable and less distracting for babies, so the focus is on eating. The beauty of silicone is its flexibility. It can fold down to a small compact size, ideal for when you’re out and about. Although soft and foldable, it’s extremely strong, with its reinforced deep food catcher.
Adding to its versatility, are four adjustable size settings to fit 6 months+ and a unique curved shape design feature to fit ergonomically around the tummy!


Thoughtful design and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do and are trying to achieve at Baby Boosa. Our silicone is the perfect material for baby bibs. It's made from a non-toxic BPA-free and food-grade silicone, which is so easy to wipe clean quickly. This can certainly help keep your water usage to a minimum and count towards one of the many small steps we are all taking in our everyday lifestyles, to help reduce our overall carbon footprint. It definitely saves your energy and time too!
 Promoting our eco-friendly motto of zero single use plastic, your baby bibs come with luxury re-usable storage bags, with so many practical uses for the organiser in you! So, if you’re looking for a comfortable and versatile product to help you and your little one on their weaning journey, our baby bibs are the perfect solution!

 What do we love most? Following your weaning journeys and getting to know so many amazing parents going through this. Please tag us @babyboosa or feel free to contact us with any questions here. We’d love to hear from you!

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