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Easter Sensory Play Activities for All the Family

Easter Sensory Play Activities for All the Family

Easter is fast approaching and for many it’s an opportunity to enjoy a long weekend with the family! Here at Baby Boosa, it’s one of our favourite times of the year. From the easter egg hunts, to the garden games, Easter means there is lots of fun to be had. We thought we’d share some fun sensory play activities, perfect for the occasion.

Easter Egg Hunt

It just wouldn’t be easter without an egg hunt! We all say it’s great fun for the little ones, but truth be told, parents love to join in just as much! With the weather starting to brighten up around this time of year, the garden is the perfect setting for family fun and fresh air! Try using vibrantly coloured eggs of different sizes, or little easter treats and trinkets to find on your scavenger hunt! Flowerpots, outdoor play equipment and bushes make for great hiding spots, and nearer eye level for your little ones.

Arts and Crafts

Easter crafting is great fun for the whole family and super simple to make into a sensory play activity. Set up an arts and craft station for the day and start creating your masterpieces! Try making a traditional easter bonnet, complete with easter accessories and pastel colouring, or for something different, have a go at some bunny ears! Get stuck in with feathers, glitter and sequins! The more creative the better!
You can also try creating easter collages with your little ones! Try a springtime scene featuring the easter bunny himself. Use can anything eye catching and of texture - soft and colourful ribbon, felt, cardboard, glitter and even colour some of the scenery in yourself! We recommend using cotton wool for the bunny tail, your little one won’t be able to resist the squishiness!
Another great sensory play activity is creating ‘egg shakers.’ With a lot of easter treats including small egg-shaped containers, why not upcycle them by turning them into a type of musical instrument! Simply fill the egg with lentils, rice or sand and securely fasten with colourful duct or electrical tape. Not only does it look bright, but it’s the safest way to keep the grains from falling out.
Remember, Baby Boosa reusable storage bags are the perfect way to organise your arts and crafts and keep them all together!

Eggcellent Ideas

What’s the best material for Easter art? Carrots of course! Carrot printing can give your little Picasso’s work the edge they’re after! Simply use our cloud plate as a palette. Pop your favourite colours into the small compartments, cut the tip of the carrot off, dip into the paint and away you go. You can also consider, cutting the carrot ends into different shapes for other creative patterns. Recycle the carrots in the food waste when you’re done, or you can simply pop them in the compost. Sustainable family fun!
Have you ever tried ice painting? You can also use our cloud plates as an icy canvas, as seen in our reels! Perfect for sensory play, simply fill the compartments with water and leave to freeze - our silicone products are made to go in the freezer. Once frozen, pick your favourite paints and you and your little ones can paint the perfect easter scene!

We’d Love to Hear from You

What do we love most? Following your learning developments and getting to know so many amazing parents on this journey. Got some creative Easter ideas? Please tag us @babyboosa or feel free to contact us with any questions here. We’d love to hear from you!

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