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Introducing Our New Baby Weaning Essentials

Introducing Our New Baby Weaning Essentials

Here at Baby Boosa, we’ve been working diligently on creating a little something extra to add to our sell-out product collections! Following the success of our award-winning range of baby weaning essentials, we thought we’d create some new, exciting styles for you and your little ones to enjoy! As always, thoughtful design and a practical developmental experience is at the heart of our products. We’re so excited to introduce our new designs to you!

Ahead of the Trend

We know how important it is for your little ones to be comfortable during the weaning process. We believe that there are no other baby products designed quite like ours, all stemming from our own experience as parents. Not only this, but our products are fashion and interior inspired, as well!
Isn’t it a bonus if your baby weaning essentials not only go with your interiors but also compliment your little one’s outfits?! With these elements entwined, we believe the design and style of our products are timeless, meaning you and your little fashionistas can be on-trend all year round.
Alongside our best-selling colours, we’re bringing a little extra to the table. Introducing the classic Milano Black and Charcoal Grey weaning ranges. Additionally, we’ve added some more beautiful prints to our Signature Edits bib collection. These include our matte black and forest green design, ‘The Palm’, super sweet Dalmatian print, and the sleek ‘White Marble’ to name a few. As we like to say, it’s weaning but made fashionable!

Not Just Voguish, It’s Versatile

We’ve mentioned how comfortable are products are, with parents even going as far to say that their little ones wouldn’t wear a bib before wearing ours! We choose velvety silicone when it comes to our baby weaning essentials. Not only is it so soft for your little one, but it’s also dentist-approved, non-toxic and BPA free. In fact, there are no biologically harmful chemicals in the polymer, giving it the well-deserved reputation of being the ultimate child-friendly material.
Manufactured for years of use, it’s a sustainable alternative to plastic-based products and a step in the right direction for eco-friendly living. With its durability and easy clean nature, it’s loved by parents and babies alike for its experience in use.

Mix and Match

All of our essentials come in matching colours, but if you just can’t decide which shades or prints to choose from, you can mix and match with the ‘pick & mix anything’ option on our website. Choose up to 6 items and receive a discount with your bundle!
As always, all of our products come in a luxury re-usable bag, ideal for practical everyday uses and convenience when out and about! If you’re looking for comfortable, sustainable and beautifully stylish baby weaning essentials, our products are the perfect solution.

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What do we love most? Following your weaning journeys and getting to know so many amazing parents going through this. Please tag us @babyboosa or feel free to contact us with any questions here. We’d love to hear from you!


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