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FREE UK DELIVERY | Mainland orders over £50

Weaning Spoons Set - 6 Pack


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 ‘We find (the spoon) holds the perfect baby mouthful and is lovely and soft to the touch’ The Beauty Informer

A pack of 6x spare spoons suitable for feeding at weaning stage. Our spoon is soft and flexible with a narrow tip for easy feeding in the early stages of weaning & feeding.

3x for your kitchen

2 x for your on the go bag

1x incase the dog chews on one, it happens often, apparently! 

Safe & Sustainable

  • 6months+
  • 100% food grade silicone
  • Non-toxic BPA free
  • Suitable for -40°c to 230°c
  • Zero single use plastic

Size - Spoon

  • Height 2.4cm
  • Length 15.9cm
  • Width 3cm

Please check the size carefully before ordering

What's included?

  • 6x Spoons multi-coloured.
  • 1x Reusable net storage bag, no single use plastic waste here 
  • Shipped in a paper mailer bag which can be easily recycled. Use it to collect compostable food waste!

Warnings & Instructions

  • Please clean your product with warm soapy water before first use.
  • Always use the product with adult supervision. Never leave your baby unattended while feeding or playing. 
  • Before each use, inspect the product. Recycle at the first signs of damage or weakness. 
  • Always wash the product immediately after use. Do not clean with solvents or harsh chemicals. To prevent damage to the product, always dry thoroughly after cleaning/use to prevent build up of mould.
  • Always check the temperature of food before feeding. Heating may produce localised high temperatures.  Take extra care when microwave heating. Always stir heated food to ensure even heat distribution and test the temperature before serving. 
  • Product temperature range is -40°c to 230°c
  • Do not store or leave in direct sunlight or near a source of heat. 
  • Do not store or allow to come into contact with solvents or harsh chemicals. 
  • Staining may occur if the product is allowed to come into contact with oil-based foods (eg, oil/tomato based sauces). 
  • We can not guarantee our products will be stain free for all food this item comes into contact with.